What is Project Gravitaur?

A multiproduct project in collaboration with Bob Lazar and his work at S4.

Project Gravitaur is an ambitious endeavor dedicated to immortalizing the enigmatic era when Bob Lazar worked at the legendary S4 facility near Area 51. This multifaceted project harnesses the power of film, cutting-edge technology, and captivating products to resurrect the mysteries and marvels of Lazar's time at the clandestine facility. Join us on a journey that blurs the lines of reality, bringing to life the secrets of S4 and the limitless possibilities of extraterrestrial technology.

Part 1: The Documentary: 2024

Motivo, an up-and-coming Montreal production studio, has undertaken an extraordinary endeavor: to meticulously recreate the entire S4 environment using cutting-edge 3D technology. This includes the iconic military hangar and the surrounding terrain, all precisely as recalled by Bob Lazar. From Groom Lake to the Papoose Mountain Range, and deep into the secrets within the S4 facility, viewers will be able to immerse themselves in Bob's story as if they were right by his side. Motivo has embraced a retro military-themed storytelling approach integrating both real-life interviews and impressive visuals breathing new life into Lazar's journey through S4.

The documentary promises to serve as a bridge between the worlds of classified projects and open scientific inquiry. By sharing his story, we hope to inspire a new generation of scientists and thinkers to explore the mysteries of the cosmos.

Part 2: The Experience: 2024

Step into the mysterious world of Bob Lazar like never before with our groundbreaking 3D immersive interactive experience powered by Unreal Engine 5. Explore the secrets of S4, unravel extraterrestrial mysteries, and navigate a thrilling journey through the eyes of Bob Lazar.

The aim is to transport the audience through time, allowing them to step into a world where they can truly touch and breathe the environment. By providing this immersive experience, the hope is to forge a deep connection between the audience and the story, ensuring that viewers are not mere spectators but active participants in the unfolding story of Bob Lazar's remarkable journey through S4.

Part 3: The Book: 2024

This book explores Bob Lazar's time at S4 featuring rare photographs, captivating visuals and immersive storytelling including special commentary by Bob Lazar himself. The book will offer a hyper realistic glimpse into the mysteries of S4 and the quest to reverse engineer alien technology.