Project Gravitaur presents

an in depth and visually stunning account of the time Bob Lazar worked on reverse engineering alien technology at S4.

The film is set to release in 2024

A multi-product initiative inspired by the groundbreaking work of Bob Lazar at Area 51's S4 facility.

What is Project Gravitaur?

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the documentary

Audiences will witness Lazar's compelling quest to shed light on his time as a government scientist at the S4 facility within Area 51, and the reverse engineering of the "Sport Model" spacecraft.

From Bob's sketches to reality

Preliminary sketches were elevated to produce striking 3D renders that painstakingly encapsulate the intricate nuances of the sport model and its diverse components.




Project Gravitaur Releases

A multiproduct project in collaboration with Bob Lazar and his work at S4.

The Documentary

In a nostalgic and emotional blast to the past, Bob Lazar's experience at S4 during the 80s will be revealed in an original documentary film mixing reality and never before seen recreation of the entirety of the facility, exactly as Bob remembers it.

The Experience

TBD 2024
A groundbreaking 3D immersive interactive experience powered by Unreal Engine 5 exploring the secrets of S4. You will be able to unravel extraterrestrial mysteries, and navigate a thrilling journey through the eyes and narrative of Bob Lazar.

The Book

TBD 2024
A book that will offer a hyper realistic glimpse into the mysteries of S4 and the quest to reverse engineer alien technology with special notes by Bob Lazar.